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Global War on Terror Veterans

GWOT Veterans are now ageing into the most prevalent (20% to 27%) age group (40-50-60) for shoulder pain.

Unresolved Shoulder pain = chronic disability, C&P exams, and life-long compensation payments.

5201 – Arm, limitation of motion, compensation payments will cost the VA  $1.1 TRILLION.

Each Veteran with a 20% Disability Rating of 5201 Arm, limitation of motion, Major or Minor
will receive:

$3,935.88/ year one  (2023)
$78,717/ 20 year period
$137,756/ 35 year period

The reason?

Research has not provided the VA medical staff with the……..

  • Correct Cause,   nor
  • Correct Treatment to prevent this catastrophic problem.

Right  Treatment   ↔   Right  Time

97% of Shoulder Problems can be remedied in under 5 sessions…

(instead of the “usual” 20-40-60- sessions)

Conventional (old) 25 most-common treatments are ineffective.

  • Because they’re treating the symptoms…  not the cause.
  • Conventional care is just 2% of the week.  One hour/3x per week.

……….Leaving 165 hours in a week when the shoulder is…  constantly re-injured.

…………..(so it takes a very long time to get better… if ever.)

  • 20… 40… 60 sessions.   Then, all too often, needless surgery.

The Lancet published,  “Keyhole shoulder surgery is no better than placebo.”  (2018)

We must do better for our Veterans!      Veterans need 100% Shoulder Care.